Implicate Welsh_corgi with dog

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Talulah said:

Dunno if I'd tag furries with the specific breed. Though they're not considered off-topic really.

Not my kind of content but I don't see why not, I guess people that like it will find it useful but I am open for suggestions.

World_Funeral said:

Does it actually matter, anyways? While explicit furry content is listed as borderline and some of them are considered off-topic?

Off-topic doesn't even mention furry content, and the borderline section of the upload rules says in plain English that borderline content is not against the rules, it's just generally more niche/divisive and may be less likely to be approved/more likely to be flagged as a result. There are only 15 posts tagged furry off-topic status:any and I can guarantee you being furry isn't why they're deleted.