Comments systematically downvoted

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I've been a silent user of Danbooru for a few years now and recently decided to show my appreciation for some illustrations here and there. I know a bit of Japanese and I thought it would be a nice idea to compliment some of the talented japanese drawers we have amongst us in their mother tongue (I always verify my translation with Deepl before posting anything).

Thing is, my comments seem to be systematically downvoted for a reason I can't seem to understand. My comments are always polite, never criticizing but still, a few minutes after they are published, they get one or two systematic downvotes.

I'm sorry if my interrogation sounds naive but I'm quite new in the community and I'd like to know if that's a thing for you guys?


Unbreakable said:

99% of the artists never visits this site, they are not the uploaders. It would be better to visit the source where the image was uploaded from and comment on it over there.

Thanks for the insight. That’s a shame though …