Deprecate carton

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The bulk update request #14039 has been rejected.

deprecate carton
deprecate holding_carton
mass update milk_carton holding_carton -> holding_milk_carton -holding_carton
mass update milk_carton carton -> -carton
create implication holding_milk_carton -> milk_carton
create implication holding_milk_carton -> holding
mass update juice_box holding_carton -> holding_juice_box -holding_carton
mass update juice_box carton -> -carton
create implication holding_juice_box -> juice_box
create implication holding_juice_box -> holding

The carton tag is currently used for milk_carton, juice_box, and box and I see no reason to have an umbrella tag for those three tags.

The BUR has three parts.
The first two lines deprecate the "carton" tags
The next four remove "carton" tags in searches with milk_cartons and add implications to the new holding_milk_carton tag.
Then final four do the same thing, but with the juice_box and holding_juice_box tags.

I've gone through all the update searches and can confirm that there won't be any mistags.

BUR used to be:

deprecate carton
deprecate holding_carton
mass update carton milk_carton -> -carton
mass update holding_carton milk_carton -> holding_milk_carton -holding_carton
create implication holding_milk_carton -> milk_carton

Both tags are ambiguous/redundant with milk_carton and box.
The mass updates get the gardening started with searches that I've confirmed don't have any untagged boxes.