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Nameless_Contributor said:

First post I clicked was a cosplay tag, you should exclude those. They are also excluded in Danbooru's code so the post number next to the tag doesn't get colored red if there's only one post.

I actually had fixed that one when it was shared in discord prior to the forum post. Armazenon was originally mislabeled as a gentag and without the cosplay tag

Going through this effort again with more narrow a scope, a new favgroup for the effort can be found via favgroup #22552 which is for wikiless one off posts which are a single word/string.
I've gone through a number of these so far and added wikis to ones which were valid and manually nuked ones which were not. A few post seem like they would have other posts that are worthy of the tag, but I'm unsure how to track them down so thus this post to those who might be more familiar:

The next few are mythological creature tags which i'm unsure if there would be others but figured bringing attention to them might not hurt.

Lastly, is an inquery on policy regarding aegishjalmur, i'm aware that with japanese copyrights we typically defer to the transliterated native term, but what about other languages? Wikipedia has this symbol listed under "Helm of Awe" or "Helm of Terror".

post #6514488 has the tag mormonism which i suppose is correct, i debate the value of that as a tag vs something like proselytizing which is likely to have more value search wise, even if it's most likely to be NSFW examples that make up the latter.

post #6359074 difference between a quatrefoil and four-leaf_clover? feel like there's some overlap here
post #6091227 has quartering but am unable to match what is being depicted to what is historically known as "Hanged, drawn and quartered". Wikipedia lists the method depicted as 'disruption' though that's unlikely to bode well as a tag for this.

post #6053609 ...gooning? not really sure on the value of this as a tag.

post #6044286 don't we have a pool for posts for lots of jewelry like this? or should bedazzled refer to the cheap rhinestones depicted here?


post #6514488 is also depicting people carrying the Book of Mormon with name tags showing their affiliation with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka the Mormon Church), a tag like Mormonism for covering depictions of representations of their Church would be justified, no? Additionally they're wearing the attire of Mormon missionaries.


Blank_User said:

Would platonic kiss be worth populating, or would it be too hard to differentiate from romantic rating:g kisses?

I don't see a reasonable way to consistently differentiate a platonic kiss from a romantic one without constantly involving commentary, lore or headcanon.