Continued VTuber copytag cleanup [BUR]

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The bulk update request #14178 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

mass update dansei_virtual_youtuber_bacharu -> -dansei_virtual_youtuber_bacharu .live
mass update virtual_clinic -> -virtual_clinic indie_virtual_youtuber

Continuing the cleanup of superfluous VTuber copytags since 2020, one tag gardening session at a time, this time with a BUR due to each copytag having banned posts; in Bacharu's case, .live is functionally the Appland tag and most places file him under .live already (doubly aided by the fact that he was the producer for .live's now-disbanded Idol Club), as well as the fact that his copytag wasn't used consistently; in Minai Karte's case, it appears that she was an indie, and her mascot character can be tagged with the same format as seen for other VTuber mascot characters. In each case, it's clear they have no need for a personal copytag.

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  • The bulk update request #14384 has been approved by @evazion.

    mass update harohapi!_shinonome_megu-chan_no_oheya -> -harohapi!_shinonome_megu-chan_no_oheya indie_virtual_youtuber
    mass update ruka_ch. -> -ruka_ch. indie_virtual_youtuber
    mass update hosaki_menma_channel -> -hosaki_menma_channel veemusic

    The first two are solo indies with unnecessary copytags. The third, Hosaki Menma, while also an indie today, thankfully has all her posts fall neatly into the period when she was part of VEEMusic (though officially revealed as its second member December 25th, 2018, the agency was revealed November 1st, so she was likely a part at that point already; and nothing postdates her departure from VEEMusic in February 2020.)

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  • The bulk update request #15749 has been approved by @evazion.

    mass update projektmelody -> -projektmelody indie_virtual_youtuber

    Though she had a team prior to VShojo, with her last team evolving into VShojo, she was ostensibly an indie prior to VShojo's creation. For all intents and purposes, what was her copytag should be her chartag now (which we can change in a follow-up BUR). This BUR would update all her pre-VShojo posts to the indie tag, though posts #4346480 and #4346482 should probably be manually added to VShojo.

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  • The bulk update request #15819 is pending approval.

    create alias projektmelody -> melody_(projektmelody)

    Alternate follow-up BUR. While everything mentioned so far is correct, it is worth noting that we have had several cases of indie VTubers with identical names having copytag-esque modifiers, and they haven't caused any issues at all, so that approach could also be taken for Melody (and it would maintain search accessibility starting with Melody first in the tag). Instead, we could alias the now-former copytag to her current chartag instead.


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