Request: would it be possible and/or desirable to include xtransgirl(s) or xtransboy(s) as a tag?

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I'm somebody who usually frequents on Gelbooru and thus posts my commissions on there. Something that I'm truthfully annoyed by is how in canon cases of transgender characters like Lily Hoshikawa (Zombieland Saga) or Bridget (Guilty Gear), the current default policy is to tag them by their birth genders as opposed to the gender they don't identify as. While I understand it's to avoid edit tag wars and because both characters are very controversial, I think it's still disrespectful to the character, especially when "cis" girls who are futas or newhalves are tagged as females on their tag than men. So I think it's a pretty large flaw with the tagging system of "tag what you see".

Which is why I want to propose a request: wouldn't it be possible to include tagging for characters that (either canonically or through OCs the artist identifies as trans) as a separate sub-tag for trap or normal-gendered characters? Like, 1transgirl or 1transboy? It's a genuine question given I do want a split on the matter, given obviously the subject is controversial and I'm wondering how much a tag split would do to help put this to bed.

If what I propose isn't advisable, I'd love to hear any ideas for other potential tag-names, exactly for this purpose. Thank you. :)

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