Cyan, Turquoise, Teal, and Aqua

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BUR #14351 has been rejected.

create alias cyan_eyes -> aqua_eyes
create alias turquoise_eyes -> aqua_eyes
create alias teal_eyes -> aqua_eyes
create alias cyan_hair -> aqua_hair
create alias turquoise_hair -> aqua_hair
create alias teal_hair -> aqua_hair

Aqua is described in the wiki as being a "blue-green" color. Some other common words for that blue-green shade include cyan, turquoise, and teal - all of which can fall under the "aqua" name here. I believe these aliases could help people familiar with the other words recognize the tag they're trying to find.

Talulah said:

These aliases previously existed and were removed in forum #190448 because they clogged up autocomplete for common searches despite being fairly infrequently used.

I looked up the autocomplete for the words mentioned above. All I could see were various artists/characters who would either be autotagged or manually typed in, "cyan_background" which is aliased to "aqua_background", and turquoise_(gemstone). I could see this making since for when you type in "cy-", but add anything else and it won't show up.

Even then, these are still very popular names for these colors. I'd even be willing to argue that they're more famous than "aqua." I didn't even know the "aqua" color tag existed until a while ago, when I was scrolling through old Hatsune Miku posts.