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Dissociate negligee, teddy from lingerie

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BUR #14438 has been rejected.

remove implication negligee -> lingerie
remove implication teddy_(lingerie) -> lingerie
rename teddy_(lingerie) -> teddy_(underwear)
create implication teddy_(underwear) -> underwear

Danbooru currently reserves lingerie tag for fancy, erotic underwear and encourages people to apply the tag manually case by case. Despite that, these tags imply lingerie even though garments that are much more lingerie-like such as babydoll don't. See Wikipedia entries for negligee, teddy, babydoll. Negligee and teddy were later adapted into lingerie, while babydoll was designed as a lingerie.

In particular negligee is heavily misused for a wide variety of nightwear, causing them to get mistagged as lingerie and underwear by chain implication. Examples:
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post #5678259
post #5807402
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Honestly, I think lingerie and nightgown tags need a serious overhaul.