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"giving" tag cleanup

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BUR #14683 has been rejected.

deprecate giving
create implication incoming_gift -> giving_to_viewer
create implication incoming_food -> giving_to_viewer
create implication incoming_drink -> giving_to_viewer

As mentioned in topic #22876. My original forum post on the matter:

I think we should scrap giving and in its wake create two new tags for the act of giving; giving_to_another and giving_to_viewer. If we only have a giving tag, it becomes inconvenient to search for giving_to_another; you'd have to both excluding all incoming_x tags then sift through all the false positives that arise when users add giving but not a more specific incoming_x tag, or when the incoming thing is not a food, drink or gift (tools and other such objects come to mind).

However, if we have giving as well as giving_to_another and giving_to_viewer, then we run the very real risk of users not tagging either of the giving_to_x tags in lieu of being lazy and using only the base giving tag. We've already seen this happen on a larger scale; the color_legwear tags were being added while the actual types of legwear were left untagged en masse. As such, I believe it's best to use giving_to_another and giving_to_viewer but not giving (especially when you consider that a very simple giving_to_another giving_to_viewer search would perfectly replicate giving's functionality).

Depending on if we consider feeding posts to count as "giving", we should consider implying incoming_drink, incoming_food and incoming_gift to giving_to_viewer.

Seeing as (to my knowledge) we don't currently have a tag or search that finds giving_to_another posts, it will need to be populated manually. I also can't think of any implications that would apply exclusively to giving_to_another, so it'll be a standalone tag.