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Aliasing tag artist_name_(singer) [rejected]

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BUR #14772 has been rejected.

create alias artist_name_(singer) -> artist_name_(music)

Manually renaming it would be cumbersome. This is meant to make the tag more applicable, especially in images which are album covers or a illustration for music PVs. Not all real life people involved in making music are singers or vocalists. I try to explain why. Feel free to change this BUR into artist name (musician) or such, a better alias according to community's overall opinion.

magcolo said:
There’s also creator name.

The bulk update request #15574 is pending approval.
rename artist_name_(singer) -> creator_name

Thank you very much for saying this. But apologies if I have to disagree with your alias request. I think it's better to keep artist name (singer) and creator name separate. Creator compose, and made the music while the singer is the vocalist.
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