Possibility of a "historical_reference_connection" tag

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A while back, I created the "Alternate Universe Embarrassments" pool for Kantai Collection to document KC characters being embarrassed by the personalities of their counterparts in other media like Arpeggio of Blue Steel or Azur Lane but I've recently started wondering if a tag could be used to show cases of these alternate universe characters interacting with, referencing, or even being in the same picture with each other. I understand that the "name_connection" tag already covers this to some extent but it also covers instances that would not be covered by "historical_reference_connection" like KC Katsuragi and Katsuragi Misato, KC Amagi and AL Amagi, or even AL St. Louis and AL Saint-Louis. Can anyone weigh in on this?

KagayakuShiningGate said:

Would something like Jeanne d'Arc (Fate), Jeanne d'Arc (Granblue Fantasy), Jeanne d'Arc (Azur Lane) and/or Jeanne d'Arc (Madoka Magica) meeting fall under that?

The AL version wouldn't fall under that tag because it's referring to a completely different "Jeanne d'Arc".

Unbreakable said:

Isn't that just name connection?

Well, the purpose of the tag is to subdivide name connection further like adding a "square" tag when the "rectangle" tag already exists.

Sure, a tag for the exact same character under different copyrights sounds like a good idea. It's a significantly specific subset of name connection because that tag can apply to a lot of different things, while this one (if I'm understanding this correctly) would specifically refer to the exact same historical character (or ship or whatever) depicted by different copyrights.

I suggest also having a clause that this tag would only apply to completely distinct copyrights, to avoid having half of fate/grand order tagged with it.

You can go ahead and populate the tag if you want.

Eboreg said:

Alright so... would putting the fictional character together with the actual real-word person/ship count as a historical_reference_connection?

Well, object namesake is a subset of name connection, so theoretically, yes.

Also, I'm thinking about the tag name of historical reference connection and I feel like as it is named right now it might get underused slightly? Because without reading the wiki, and as we know most taggers don't read wikis, it makes one think less "this is a tag for characters based on the same thing from completely different properties interacting" and more "this is a tag for characters based on historical things referencing things from the original's history," like a character based on Jeanne d'Arc being set on fire for the purpose of killing them, or two shipgirls fighting to the death in reference to a historical battle involving the original ships where one of them got sunk. One of these interpretations needs way more context behind it than the other, and I feel like the one with more context needed is how folks will interpret it, as opposed to the simpler one.