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The bulk update request #14940 has been rejected.

mass update sitting_on_rock -> sitting
create alias sitting_on_rock -> on_rock
mass update sitting_on_bench -> sitting
create alias sitting_on_bench -> on_bench
mass update sitting_on_railing -> sitting
create alias sitting_on_railing -> on_railing
mass update sitting_on_car -> sitting
create alias sitting_on_car -> on_vehicle

No wikis. These should alias to on_* counterparts. (Can't rename due to having more than 200 posts.)

Unclear action to take: sitting on animal and on animal (even less used). Most solo riding posts aren't tagged sitting. Sitting on animal may mean, if not riding, squishing a small animal like a cushion, or using a lying animal in a chair-like manner e.g. post #4893151.

The bulk update request #14941 has been rejected.

remove implication sitting_on_stairs -> sitting
create alias sitting_on_stairs -> on_stairs
remove implication sitting_on_desk -> sitting
create alias sitting_on_desk -> on_desk
remove implication sitting_on_table -> sitting
create alias sitting_on_table -> on_table
remove implication sitting_on_box -> sitting
create alias sitting_on_box -> on_box
remove implication sitting_in_tree -> sitting
create alias sitting_in_tree -> in_tree

Undo implications and alias to on_* counterparts. Biggest argument for keeping sitting_on_* is for example sitting on_desk could bring up someone sitting in a chair with another lying on_desk. However, the largest of these, ~sitting_on_desk ~on_desk sitting lying has only 22 active posts that contain both, thus currently would not result in many false positives for one of sitting/lying searches. It does make sense to keep standing_on_* tags as standing on these is an unusual occurence not easily found with a "standing on_*" search.

Note: Most of sitting_on_branch is simply sitting in_tree; however post #5920747 is literally just a branch...

The bulk update request #14942 has been rejected.

remove implication sitting_on_head -> sitting_on_person
create alias sitting_on_head -> on_head

Sitting on head may feature large creatures or creatures with large heads. (!!)We don't seem to have an on_pokemon tag for something like post #1659914.

Leaving alone sitting on shoulder for now as this is for persons sitting on shoulder, and on shoulders prominently features creatures.

Lastly, sitting on water (and on water) are to be gardened to applicable tags listed under in water (placeholder tag). Most likely partially submerged (or wading).

It feels a little strange that sitting on a puddle would be grouped together with standing in waist-deep water. For example, post #4254704 has the appearance of sitting on ice... with ripples and bubbles. Somewhat, post #5880827. Think of standing on liquid, but sitting. Do you really call these "partially submerged"? Understandably submerged if the water is a few inches deep and you can see the submersion, but I think we can keep sitting on water for "surface-like sitting on water" that isn't a frozen lake or merely wet concrete, and alias to sitting_on_liquid in case ambiguous red liquid shows up in future or something. Floating tends to involve an inner tube or partial submersion like realistic floating, so this isn't it.


Unbreakable said:

What's the difference between leaning back and reclining? I thought both counted as sitting.

Leaning back can be any standing/sitting/reclining. Reclining can be argued to be sitting leaning back, but I'd omit leaning back if it the back is supported without arm support i.e. actually relaxed as if lying on an incline. I'm not even sure if the arm support type is supposed to apply to reclining.

By leaning, he's referring to the sit-stand type of thing we see in leaning against vehicle / against vehicle, which in most cases their back isn't angled back so it's just leaning on/against.


The bulk update request #21714 has been rejected.

create alias sitting_on_car -> on_vehicle
create alias on_motorcycle -> on_vehicle
create alias standing_on_car -> on_vehicle

Lesser alternative to the aforementioned BUR. Requested this for some reason we do not even use redundant stuff like "sitting_on_boat", "sitting on tank" or "on_aircraft" either. As for on_motorcycle, there's already riding when it comes to controlling it.
They're all same concept TBH. Moreover, on_car was already aliased into on vehicle.


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