Holstered Weapon Implication

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Hillside_Moose said:

Well, there are holsters for tools such as screwdrivers and power drills. Maybe instead of "_weapon" we use holstered for holsters in use, much like sheathed -> sheath for swords and knives. Then we let the object being holstered determine whether or not weapon is applied and avoid erroneous tagging such as with water guns.

That doesn't sound like a bad idea, I'll wait and see what others think about it.

World_Funeral said:

BUR #22285 has been rejected.

create implication holstered -> holster

Sorry for forgetting this one. For similar reason why sheathed already implies sheath.

There are a few posts under holstered that don't seem to have much, if any, recognizable holster. Example: post #6846262, post #6599196, and post #5806320. There were a few bladed weapons under holstered too that needed to be cleaned up, but some of them have the same issue of the sheath not necessarily being visible like post #4090649. There are also some images like post #6631839 and post #5907584 where it's just straps holding the weapon up. Lastly there was post #7051146 which I was not sure if it was a holster, though what are the chances of a weapon holstered into another carried object like a shield or something.

post #7030682 was interesting, while not being able to see a holster, as an android/cyborg if they have a weapon holstered in a body integrated holster like Robocop (example) does that still count as a holster for tagging purposes. Going with that then, you have occasions where mecha with their weapons fastened to their back or similar under the holstered tag, such as post #4213737.