[looking for a tag] Im dumb, what would you call this/tag this:

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ok so, was generating AI images on my own (not posting them, idk what the rules are but even if they're allowed im not going to post them so dont worry), and I got a nice generation of Supposedly artoria_pendragon_(fate), with these sort of.... disconnected bra covering thingies? I don't know how to explain so I uploaded it to Drive here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I5ByBAW9kk5FXW_UV8a0m78knMbfDrKC/view?usp=sharing

Im wondering what on earth you would call that, and if there's a Danbooru tag for it. I've already tried slapping it into DeepDanbooru incase it knew, but to no avail. The closest it got was "crotch_plate", but i'm more concerned with the breast portion, and "breast_plate" is just armour, not the lewd thing demonstrated in the picture, and "nipple_plate" just doesnt exist. "strapless_bra" isnt correct either.

Much appreciated :D

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World_Funeral said:

Why would you want to share AI-generated image to this site? It is strictly against upload rules, do not upload it here! The reply is right. If in doubt, better stick with bikini armor and grey bra. Tag what's visible on the picture.

They literally said they had no intention to post anything ai-generated here. Relax.

I'm gonna pose the question: Should we create a tag for this? pasties aren't a bikini, and this isn't bikini armor. Nor is the example in the OP a bra.