Holding magazine implication

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BUR #15533 has been approved by @evazion.

create implication holding_magazine_(weapon) -> holding
create implication holding_magazine_(weapon) -> magazine_(weapon)

I've found another missing implication. The mag is on his/her hand. If you found more, feel free to post here. As usual, many users look down upon weapon or military equipment-related tag BURs.

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kittey said:
Please don’t label your topics “please read” or anything like that. This isn’t Youtube. Keep it concise to catch the attention of anyone interested.

I'm sorry, but BURs like this of the same theme tend to be looked down and ignored by many users, even those who are more experienced than me and have broader knowledge of tags compared to me. Just because it's weapon-related. I think this and the following BURs are not about interest, but logical consistency. Barely any votes and (counter)arguments from others.