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VA-11 HALL-A character full names

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nonamethanks said:

Some of these are debatable. I don't even find any valhalla result when searching for "jessica meas" on google, the results are all real people from facebook and instagram.

For the record, "jess meas" does bring up some relevant results, including this one from the official ROM twitter.

I really am not a fan of this, even the wiki treats some of the full names as trivia (Gabrielle, for example). When the characters speak the text will show either their first name or a shorthand (such as Jill or Gaby), so what most players will probably be familiar with will be that.

That said, if we really want to be extremely precise and use the full names, then streaming-chan should be Nicole Chen, and Dorothy Haze should be Rebecca Dorothy Willow Graem (neither of these two names are spoilers).