imply ocean -> water

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BUR #15620 has been rejected.

create implication ocean -> water

the wiki already implies that the ocean tag should be for large bodies of water.

the only argument against this would be for fictional oceans made out of other materials(blood,lava,etc), but i'd counter those deserves their own tag, not prevent this implication

Posts like post #6155150 would be tagged water as a result of this implication. I can deal with the blurry blue in the background being taggable as ocean, but saying it's enough for water is a bit much.

As you mentioned, there's also examples such as post #4052957, where the ocean is made up of blood (or some other liquid) rather than water. However, having a tiny tag for non-water oceans that nobody knows about will not stop uploaders or users who stumble upon that post from thinking "this is clearly an ocean, so I will add the ocean tag".