Maid catch-all tag?

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We currently have the following tags for various kinds of maids:

And some copyright-specific costumes, like Cafe Maid (Love Live!), Maid Fairy Tale (Idolmaster), Nakabayashi Yoshitaka's Maid Uniform (Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama) or Summer Maid Coord (Pretty).

I was thinking if we could develop a tag encompassing all kinds of maids, or at least a catch-all for non-traditional (non-French) maids. Currently Wa maid's wiki mentions that it and maid are mutually exclusive, so I would imagine most of them "should" as well, so they cannot be simply tagged as maid, unless we change the definition.

I'm not against it, but the problem is finding a name for the umbrella tag that actually works
Do we want a true catch-all that includes all types of maid costumes, or keep the french maid style separate from Wa maid even in the umbrella tag? (which i don't support at all, if there is to be a maid umbrella tag then let it include all of them, or it defeats the purpose; and it would also be nonsensical to have such a separation when the logic implies that we can't include under the same umbrella tag wa maid with maid bikini/maid one-piece swimsuit/tactical maid when the three latter are almost always inspired from what normally falls under maid)

I am guessing the way to go would be to rename maid to french_maid and then have maid be the umbrella tag, otherwise i have a hard time imagining any good name for the umbrella tag

feline_lump said:

It looks like there was already a consensus on next steps by the end of that thread: rename maid to western maid, imply victorian maid to western maid, and then mass imply maid tags to a new maid parent tag. Unsure why it stalled out, could we proceed with that again?

maid is 102k posts, wa maid is less than 3k posts, and victorian maid is much smaller. Currenly a tag cannot imply another if it comprises 95% or more posts of its would-be parent, which would be the case for the hypothetical maid umbrella tag.

I would just imply wa maid and victorian maid to maid. If 98% of our maid posts are of western maids, there's no need for further fragmentation. You would find about one non-western maid post every 2-3 normal danbooru pages when looking at maid.


KagayakuShiningGate said:

BUR #16738 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create implication maid_bikini -> unconventional_maid
create implication maid_one-piece_swimsuit -> unconventional_maid
create implication maid_leotard -> unconventional_maid
create implication jersey_maid -> unconventional_maid
create implication tactical_maid -> unconventional_maid

Also a separate BUR for a new catch-all tag for the even less typical maids.

fine if unconventional_maid implies maid

The point of wa maid being separate from maid is it makes it easier to search for images where both Japanese and Western style maid outfits are on display (such as post #2457127, post #5454041, etc.) But the maid wa_maid search is always in need of gardening as things are now since the wiki will be ignored by some. I do think western maid should still be made, and at least tagged in the kind of situations I pointed out before the implication goes through so that information is not lost. I can get that populated as there are not too many pages to go through.

nonamethanks said:

If such a concept is so important just make a mixed maids tag or something. Any attempt at keeping those tags separate from maid was always doomed to fail.

Honestly that is probably the best idea since there are some with a mix of cultures that are not Western (such as post #3831182). I'll just go get that populated now.

EB said:

Honestly that is probably the best idea since there are some with a mix of cultures that are not Western (such as post #3831182). I'll just go get that populated now.

i think if a tag like this must exist it doesnt have to be only for maid styles, do we already have a tag for other clothing being showcased in this lineup style that also applies to multiple views of a same character?

I'm pro-removing this clause:

This tag only applies for a Western maid outfit. For Wa maids, just add the alternate costume tag instead.

from enmaided's wiki, but I'm unsure if it should apply to all maid-like costumes or specifically the ones that I proposed to be directly implied to maid rather than unconventional_maid... I'd say probably only Wa/Qi/Victorian? It would feel weird to have post #6231051 under enmaided, in my opinion (assuming the character is not a maid in canon, I am not familiar with Umamusume).

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