rename weituou_zara -> zara_musa

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BUR #17302 has been rejected.

rename weituou_zara -> zara_musa

weituou as name makes no sense, browsing pixiv for a while seem to confirm that is not the name, the character is tagged with this instead #ザラ・ムサ(zara musa), i believe weituou is a translation from pinyin of 委托(wěi tuō) [commision]

okay, if u really want it to be a name: Skanda (Buddhism)


nonamethanks said:

It should be Moussa, not Musa, according to some commentaries like post #5747921.

Ah crap, unless we can get a official source for this name, this is not going anyway. It can be whatever sounds legit based on the romanization\

Edit: whatever sticks i guess, editing the tags