Mario star alias

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BUR #17590 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias starman_(mario) -> super_star_(mario)
create alias power_star_(mario) -> super_star_(mario)

Technically, Super Stars are the invincibility power-up while Power Stars are the collectibles in games such as Galaxy or 64. However, for our purposes they are visually identical and as such I went with the current name for the one that appears in more games, most notably the original Super Mario series. I'd have preferred to go with just star_(mario), but that would be rather ambiguous as Mario has several different stars and star-like characters (Luma being a prime example).

In regards to the old smiling design: the invincibility power-up was originally called a Starman (hence our outdated tag) and in the early days of the Mario franchise was depicted with a smiling mouth. However, at the same time it was also depicted with no mouth in in-game sprites; up until the Wii U/3DS version, Smash Bros. for instance used the no-mouth design while still calling them Starmen. I considered using a rename rather than an alias so we could tag the smiling design as starman_(mario), but seeing as how the name Starman was used interchangeably for both the smiling and no-mouth designs, we'd be trying to propagate a distinction that would only exist on Danbooru.