create alias washing_car -> car_wash

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BobTheBuilder_v1 said:

This tag shouldn’t be pulling double duty, it needs to be split into either washing car and car wash or car wash (action) and car wash (place). I vote for the former, because I always hear “car wash” for the place and never hear “car wash” for the action.

+1 for car_wash_(place). For the action what about washing_vehicle since a non-insignificant amount of art in the tag right now is girls washing tanks post #2436451 or other non-car vehicles post #907753

Admiral_Pectoral said:

Now that we settled on the tag name for the place, would washing vehicle be acceptable for just the act? We could alias car and tank to it. Or should it be named washing car and still include other vehicles?

I don't hate washing_car encompassing the others as long as their are a aliases. Prefer washing_vehicle though.