Pool glitch

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I noticed that a few images in pool #3864 are missing the navigational arrows at the top (for one example, post #971680). It looks like some duplicate images were double-deleted. Maybe it happened because those images were still in the pool when double-deleted? (not sure, but one thing I'm thinking) In this case, they shouldn't have even been deleted in the first place since that's against policy.

Updated by Sal.N

Saluki said:
Sorry, I asked a mod to double delete some posts which I uploaded yesterday because they have sample sizes.

I understand. Those images weren't Pixiv manga samples, though. They were separate image ID's and had a different monochrome color. Not that it makes a big difference, but in those situations you're really just supposed to parent them to the larger image and let them be.

Either way, in the future, if a deletion is warranted, we need to make sure those posts in ordered pools are removed from the pool beforehand so they don't cause this problem.