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BUR #21110 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

nuke midna_(imp)

You should not have populated this tag before making a thread to decide if it's a good idea.

We do not need a tag for a character's default form, especially when they only have one (1) alternate form. It does nothing except give us a different way to find the 50 or so dual_persona posts, which is particularly pointless when the express purpose of dual_persona, which has existed for almost two decades, is to do exactly that. Do we also need _(older) tags for Young Link and Young Zelda's of-age counterparts, or a _(default) tag for non-super Sonic? No, because the young_link dual_persona search, for example, already provides the only utility you'd get from such a tag.

This reeks of bleedover from the various vtuber costume tag webs. Do not start creating default costume/form tags because you saw some vtuber/gacha character had one. They should only be made if searching for the default isn't feasible without its own tag.

As an aside, you created this thousand-strong tag immediately after asking about it in the Discord and getting only a single positive reply (and you added it to post #3091012, meaning you weren't even paying attention while doing so). This is not how Danbooru works; the only users with the authority to do that are evazion, and maybe the admins. For everyone else, the tagging policy on this site is a democracy, not a wild west free-for-all. In future, and especially in regards to large tags, making a forum thread is the first step, not the last.


While I think this reaction is a bit overblown (let's be honest, 99% of tags never go through the forums), this exact tag was already proposed in topic #20106. If you had bothered to search before populating it you would've seen that and should have at the very least proposed a new thread before doing so.