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I noticed that banchou, bousouzoku, delinquent, gangster, and yankee have many overlapping posts, with one post (post #401478) having three of the tags above. People seem to be using all five of the tag interchangeably, so how do we go about separating the concepts, if not aliasing them?

Gangster is probably best used for the kind from the Prohibition Era.
Bousouzoku can probably be better characterized with costumes such as post #482869.
Bancho, delinquent, and yankee seem to be used similarly, as far as I can tell.


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I'd certainly support gangster being used for the Prohibition Era style ones, though if people would rather it be for something else we could always use mobster for that particular style.

If possible I'd say use delinquent as the primary tag, with at bousouzoku, banchou, and yankee as subtags. If yankee and banchou can't really be distinguished though, then just alias them to delinquent and leave information on them under the delinquent wiki if needed.

A difference though is that the bousouzoku are typically young people. The wikipedia article even mentions "these bōsōzoku gangs are generally composed of people under the legal adult age, which in Japan is 20 years old [...]." So there is actually an implied age to the group, unlike with modern motorcycle gangs in the US. The age group accurately falling under what could be labeled a delinquent.

Anyways delinquent is really a general style depicted, and I don't think the majority of people would disagree that the style displayed by the bousouzoku tag is a subtype of the depiction of a delinquent.

One thing to note though is in the examples you used, the extremely long school uniform skirt is associated with female delinquents and gang members from what I recall.

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It'll need some gardening to stay clean but I can get behind keeping these separate and implicating to delinquent. Wikis and a clean-up of existing tags would be required, though.

banchou, though, seems tough to define as a visual tag. It related not just to a dress/behavior style but also a position within the delinquent hierarchy, something now necessarily obvious, visually.

If banchou is status/rank, it doesn't work as a tag that defines Japanese delinquents, since everyone can't be one. That is like Gangsters giving ranks like OG or the Don; both are either gansters or mobsters, but everyone can't be an OG or Don.

bousouzoku and yankee are something you can visually see, and it is a style that people know.

Mafia already exists, so alias that with mobster. Have that and yakuza implicate gangster.

Drop banchou unless we use it for situations where there's a heirarchy with a clear leader and underlings present. It'd only be useful for group pictures and I'm not sure it's necessary though.

Limit bousouzoku more to the stereotypical style. The long jackets, sarashi, and motorcycle types. Use yankee more for the bleached hair, modified school uniform types, and any that can't be catalogued otherwise. There's still bound to be some bousouzoku and yankee crossover however.

All except mafia and yakuza would implicate delinquent.