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To me, it is logical to infer that it is a scythe given the character's notable association with scythes and how she looks like shes serious, which is also associated with her bringing out her scythe. Given there are 0 komachi pictures, solo, with a polearm, it isn't fair to assume that there is one.

So I would tag it scythe because of how reasonable it is for it to be a scythe.

Also her trademark scythe has a wooden handle, so since this handle is also wooden, it lends more credence to this being her scythe.


Not sure if this means anything important.

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  • rantuyetmai said:
    It's a good practice to tag accurately so that we can find picture later on.

    Its a scythe, for all intents and purposes, since it looks like her distinctive scythe and she is not associated with any other weapons.

    I'd tag it for scythe because of the overwhelming probability.

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  • rantuyetmai said:
    It's not about probability, it's about how we separate posts with and without the blade part fully visible.

    And for the record, I'm not saying "it might be something else than a scythe".

    Hmm, to me it doesn't really matter if the entirety of a weapon is visible. If we only see the hilt of a sword, for example, we can still tell its a sword, and in the image of the komachi, there is enough known to the viewer to see that its her scythe.

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  • Here's the question: Does someone searching scythe want to see an image without a clearly visible scythe, especially if they don't know or care about Komachi?

    And even if you do know her, in the image you linked, that could just as easily be an oar/pole thing used to push boats along, no?

    I think that each object generally has one or two distinctive visual features that define it. A sword hilt is a pretty significant visual indicator of a sword, although whether I'd tag it or not really depends on its significance in the image. A nondescript wooden pole is not a significant visual indicator of a scythe.

    So my approach would be not to tag it.

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