create implication shaved_ice -> ice

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create implication shaved_ice -> ice

Reason: the former requires a very fine version of the latter. I'm not sure if the fineness means that it doesn't qualify as ice, but I think its vague enough that this can work.

Also, shaved ice owes its origins to kakigori, since it was invented its Japan, so shouldn't we alias it to the Japanese term for it?

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NWF_Renim said:
-1 toward the implication. I'd rather the ice tag be limited to larger pieces, especially those that start obtaining a more clear or bluish appearance over the white appearance of frost or snow.

Agreed with this. Snow is technically ice, but we wouldn't alias or implicate snow → ice, because the overall image of it is quite different.

Similarly, a snow cone/shaved ice is quite visually distinct from cubed or crushed ice. Thus, I wouldn't support this implication.