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Seperate tag for KirbyM as an artist

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I believe we should at least allow a seperate tag for KirbyM as an artist. He too makes his own art and those should be seperated from all the other SWF creations and other random things.

If you look the Walfas tag most of the contents in there doesn't even belong to him or is even made by him but more like a reference or just SWF used pictures.

Should not all artist have their own seperate tag instead of a tag name after their blog or website and anything that looks similiar is just thrown in there?

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His pixiv:http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=153845
His Tag: walfas

If you check through his tag you will see many posts that are just thrown in and is not even made by him. About 2-3 pictures are just references to what he had made.

What I'm trying to say is that KirbyM should be able to have his own seperate tag as an artist like how Zun(Oota Jun'ya) has his own too seperating from the other touhou arts.

Would the Walfas tag not be more appropriate as a fan art tag now rather then his artist tag like how Zun might have his name on all his post but not on every touhou-related post?

jxh2154 said:
Need some links to explain who and what you're referring to.

KirbyM is the handle of the person (male? female?) who runs http://www.walfas.org/ and who is best known for making create.swf (the Touhou character creation flash application). He/she was also consulted as proofreader for the official English-translated script used in the famous Touhou doujin-anime by Maikaze.

Keo said:
Would the Walfas tag not be more appropriate as a fan art tag now rather then his artist tag like how Zun might have his name on all his post but not on every touhou-related post?

I don't really think so, but I do think that we ought to have a tag for the images that were obviously made in create.swf, and note in the wiki for that tag that create.swf was created by KirbyM/walfas.

KirbyM is male (Not 100% sure of his gender myself but I'm positive that he is a male)

We could note it but he still have art that is made by him which is different from the create.SWf post where he might have drawn the pictures but the post is not his creation and art that are made by others as a reference to his.

At the very least a specific artist tag to seperate his normal/real creation from fan arts and others should be considered.


If you are to do that does that mean you'll make Walfas his default artist tag and seperate everything else? Like the Create.swf in one tag and just kirbyM's in the walfas' tag?

Okay, I'm sorry but I must be confusing people. I apologize for my confusing conversasion but what I'm trying to say is this;
KirbyM should have a tag for his own art(not the create.swf) because he might have created it but he doesn't seem to use it for his own art.(Such as :post #714995 and many others which is a different post from his SWF art.)

All the other art, such as those made using the SWF and fan arts(for example; post #659001 and post #566499), should be seperated into the Walfas tag, given details like the others said, and kept there so people can tell the difference of what was actually by KirbyM and what was not but still have knowledge that the art from the SWF was drawn by him but whatever the post was is not.

I sincerely apologize for how confusing i sound.


I believe I've understood most of what you've written.

The artist is KirbyM. The artist tag should be KirbyM, not walfas.
If KirbyM drew the picture, or parts of the picture, his name should be tagged. (includes create.swf comics since he drew the characters/backgrounds/objects).
Since when are create.swf comics allowed here?

Anyway, if he didn't draw it, it shouldn't be tagged with him, but with the real artist. At best, they are style_parody or memes like "twuck". Should there really be A LOT walfas parodies, they could be gathered in a pool.


Yes, thats part of what I'm trying to write. However I'm saying that even if its a create.swf comic or whatever that he made the background from its should be tagged Walfas but not his artist name to show those posts was made using his creation but was not by him.

Then all the posts he have made himself it should have his artist tag.


"Walfas" is just the name of KirbyM's website, and as I recall, we alias to the artist's name/handle for such things.

Further, I see create.swf as something of an artist's tool, akin to traditional media (albeit much less credible), and having a very clear and binding connection to KirbyM's art style.

So, what I think ought to be done here is:
1. Alias walfas โ†’ kirbym
2. Start a create.swf tag
3. Either set an implication from create.swf to kirbym, or just leave a note in the wiki page for create.swf
4. Tag all relevant images with the new create.swf tag.

I wouldn't recommend alias walfas โ†’ kirbym because I think it is used to refer to the style within the fandom. Not many people care who make the flashes by using create.swf.

What I meant with the suggestion turning walfas to a general/copyright tag is basically the same with create.swf. I don't mind which tag is used, although walfas is more familiar...

sgcdonmai said:

This. I would tend to favor the wiki note over the implication in step 3; most works tagged create.swf that are good enough for Danbooru will have most of their creative agency coming from a source other than kirbym.


rantuyetmai said:
although walfas is more familiar...

Is it really? When I see them referred to, it's usually as "create.swf comics", whereas I don't think I've ever seen the phrase "walfas comic".

glasnost said:
Is it really? When I see them referred to, it's usually as "create.swf comics", whereas I don't think I've ever seen the phrase "walfas comic".

I really always see people explained "It's walfas", the more elaborate ones would mention create.swf sometimes.

Okay, I:

  • tagged kirbym on everything drawn by KirbyM.
  • tagged create.swf on pictures where there was art taken from create.swf (which means that kirbym -create.swf has a few hits, for his more sketchy comics).
  • tagged walfas (and parody) on pictures which reference a Walfas meme.

My personal feeling is that we should now just nuke walfas and leave a note in the wiki, given that it's not inherently obvious whether it should be aliased to kirbym or create.swf.

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