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Seems exif_thumbnail_surprise and its wiki are out of date. I'm guessing Danbooru has started generating it's own thumbnails instead of using the EXIF data, and thus our surprise is gone...

I could see keeping it for "historical" purposes, but since it serves no function here and will likely never get any new posts, I say nuke it.

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As long as those images contain within them the data to cause that kind of effect, I do not see any reason to nuke a tag indicating this. Just because we can't see the surprise here and now, doesn't mean that we should remove the tag from them.

Data's there but I don't believe there has ever been a period where danbooru didn't generate it's own thumbnails, you just need to view them through an exif viewer to see the surprise.

If it were possible (and perhaps even legal if that's an issue), could the thumbnail be uploaded and have the parent set to the "normal" image? Yeah the tag there shows that the thumb will be diff, but it's hard to see it when A. people are lazy, and B. people have no knowledge how to view it.

Ahh, my Danbooru newbness shines through. I assumed the incorrect tags showed at one time due to only reading the first couple comments on post #402716.

It seems like a kinda weird thing to have tagged if they never showed on Danbooru in the first place. Perhaps the wiki should be updated with the method of discovery and/or viewing the incorrect thumbnail instead, then.