Maximum size for flash videos?

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Ok was getting "connection reset" error over 10mb on a file I was trying to upload. It worked the moment I got it to under 10mb.

Assuming "unlimited" file size, what would be a size to try and avoid going over? Biggest flash I think I have seen was about 20 megs.


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  • Biggest flash is over 60MB, it might be that your connection is too slow to send requests larger than 10MB fast enough for the server to accept them. I don't think there's much you can do here other than keep below 10MB, unfortunately.

    Log said:
    There are but they're high enough the average user shouldn't notice them.

    Oh right, I remember when that 100MB .png was posted there was a discussion to lower them it so png_overkill can be avoided. Had forgotten about that.

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