Tag Aliases: stocking_(psg) / panty_(psg) -> stocking_anarchy / panty_anarchy

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rantuyetmai said:
It was mentioned in forum #51628.

Ah, I searched the forums but the only thing that came up with the keywords I used was the topic I linked to. Thanks for the quick reply.

With regards to it being mentioned as a title, it could still be used as a tag; though as far as I know, we generally don't do that (?). I'm just trying to eliminate the (psg) suffix.

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  • NOT Stocking/Panty Anarchy... that's just wrong and makes as much sense as "Teppelin Nia" and "Littner Yoko" (both of which I have actually seen people use. I fully expect to someday see usage of "Elric Edward", "Strife Cloud" etc.) ALWAYS use the original name order please.


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  • rantuyetmai said:
    When there're official announcement for their full names, I'd like an alias too. Until then, all the characters of P&SWG uniformly have the qualifier _(psg) is kind of nice I guess...

    Right, not Anarchy until it's official. Link proof and it'll be done.

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