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Oh, wow. From the looks of it, those guys act as a middleman for requests to Danbooru, then scrape out all the links, including advertising, and replace them with their own, except the image itself, which they hotlink to save on bandwidth. Someone should probably let albert know about this so he can add the offending party to hosts.deny or something.

On the topic of content-leeching, I do recall Albert saying -- even though it obviously isn't appreciated -- that he most likely won't deter anyone from leeching content off the site.

Even sites that do it purely for profit.

The ads seem to be passing the same id number to jlist, so there's no cheating there. Am I missing something?

Edit: [snip cache/proxy/password-harvesting theories]

It has the same IP address as hijiribe.donmai.us, so... yeah. Shared hosting?


parasol said:
It has the same IP address as hijiribe.donmai.us, so... yeah. Shared hosting?

Weeeird. Maybe a lingering DNS record from a previous customer at the hosting company?

Although I'm still curious as to (a) how giuseppe found this address in the first place and (b) why Danbooru links the image from an absolute URI when every other link to Danbooru on post pages is with a relative URI.

My best guess to answer (b) would be because in the early days of Danbooru (before we used Amazon cloud for storage, and before we hosted things locally) Danbooru used a pool of servers donated by founding members / donators for image hosting and attempted to load-balance between them. With that configuration (external image hosting), relative links wouldn't work.