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I thought everyone knew to use the cheating tag when it comes to infidelity, but I guess "cheating" isn't good enough, because the netorare tag (commonly abbreviated as ntr) has been revived for the fifth time, now with unnecessarily-long wiki.


So, which tag should be the winner in this alias contest? I know cheating could be repurposed for something else, so that's something to keep in mind.

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  • It's different enough from 'regular' cheating and since it was revived with no one coming around to stop it, I thought it necessary to create a wiki explaining what it is. The reason for the "unnecessarily-long" wiki was because it's not as if there's anywhere off-site like Wikipedia where I could link to for it. I just cut out part of it anyway.


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  • Hillside_Moose said:
    I'd rather get them all under one tag. Is there cheating that's not netorare?

    Yes. It's an issue of focus.

    post #600949: It's clear she's cheating on her husband. No word from her husband on the subject, of course.

    Compare to post #815402: The guy who's being cheated on is a focal point.

    The difference is, in netorare material, you're supposed to empathize with the poor sap who's having his love interest stolen. In just plain cheating material, the focal point is either the girl being "stolen", or the bastard thief.

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  • I was suprised to see this tag at all show up; normally its used in describing/tagging of the eroge games themselves for their content/gameplay and nothing to do with the cg artwork. Since the lion's share of (most) eroge is ntr based in some manner, the tag itself isn't all that helpful in deciding whether or not to play the game or not.

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  • I'll back up sgcdomai here and vote against information loss, there does appear to be some additional information that may be absent from other cheating posts (mostly the presence of the one being cheated on / a sense of rubbing it in their face). That said, the implication makes sense since netorare is definitely a subset of cheating. As for post #600949, I'm iffy as to if that post should have that tag at all since it's not visually evident.

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