Tag Suggestion : Aided Exposure?

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Aided Exposure - When a character is (or in the process of) exposed to another or the viewer due to the antics (or accidents) of another character.

These chance exposures are different from Wardrobe_Malfunction in that they are directly caused by someone else but much like it, these events are rather unwanted by the victim anyhow. Examples include : Sharking or accidental tripping

Is a tag like this worth using? I'm not entirely sure where it sits with the skirt_flip tag though.

Examples of these would be :

Bust Exposure-
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Skirt Ripping
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Probably, I just needed a name for the thread header really.

I do think Involuntary Exposure would be a bit too much like wardrobe_malfunction though, plus it doesn't really say much about it being done by someone else purposely.

Maybe the pantsing/sharking tag does work best overall but I dunno. Doesn't sound all that good for when it involves 'ALL OF A SUDDEN, CHECK OUT THESE TITS!' 'Kyaaaah!' situations (I have a difficult time naming things, sue me).

How about...Assisted Exposure?

How about...Assisted Exposure?

I was actually going to suggest that before I got to the end of your post. Covers the concept neatly and is neutral regarding the voluntariness (is that even a word?) of the act.

I think I like assisted exposure better too. Doing a quick Google search for support, it looks like "assisted *" is used more for "physical actions" like "assisted living", "assisted suicide", "assisted recovery", etc. On the other hand, "aided *" appears to be used more for "mental actions" like "aided design", "aided drafting", etc, and used more in the "Computer Aided ______" paradigm. Undressing a person being more physical than mental, I'd say the former fits better

tldr: assisted exposure++