I can't upload images! Please help me!

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Hello, I have really nice images..and I tried to upload then...but after the upload I try to find the images in the "Tags" that I write for the image..but they aren't there........and what do I need to write in "Parent" when I try to upload??


On this subject outside of the help wiki there is as I recall no indication anywhere on your user profile that you cannot upload for X days after creating an account.

Honestly I think it might be beneficial to have a simple redirect page when you first join or something else that would indicate that posting is disabled for x days on new accounts.

Also adding the basic howto: links (or just a link to the wiki) in your profile page could also be beneficial.

It's in the TOS, actually.

Post/Comment Limiting

You cannot upload a post or comment during the first week of signing up.

After the initial period, you can post up to one comment an hour and a variable number of posts based on how many of your previous uploads were approved or deleted.

Log said:
It's in the TOS, actually.

To be fair not many read the TOS. Heck even on the sign up page would work. Something no one can miss no matter how hard they try.

Speaking of which were you always not allowed to comment for the first week? That seems new. I can definitely see the point of it.