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You'd probably want to email the site admin directly:


If you can supply proof to him, he'll get your works pulled from the site.

Edit: If the above address doesn't work (as per unicogirl's post), try this one instead, as it's known to be active:



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  • Somewhat related question: Why do some artists request for art removal from danbooru? Most uploads simply mirror images already available in identical resolution elsewhere on the internet, and danbooru's traffic amounts to free publicity for them, specifically their good art that passes the moderation queue. Why would this be perceived as negative for them?

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  • @MichiWing

    Credit to you (and other artists) is given on the following pages. The page about you was created 2 months ago. There are also Wiki entries here.

    This is in response to your entry

    MichWing said: And I would like them removed from danbooru- after looking at the site they have taken a lot of my work and given me no credit. After the site says they do not welcome stolen work. However the webmaster does not even have a valid e-mail and does not post any other links to contact them.

    It is understandable when requesting a removal of artwork as it is your property, but do understand that many people who visit Danbooru go out of their way to try and track the many artists of images so credit is given.

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  • Most bloggers snatch images off anime image boards like Zerochan and Danbooru and I don’t want my artwork stolen or used as stock. How is it fair by people just saving and re-posting, they receive money and credit for my work? I know it is on the internet but I hate that excuse. It is a huge slap in the face for any artist. Just because people are going to steal images does not make it okay.

    I had a Korean site ask to feature me which I was more than happy. It is polite. Even if you track me down that does not excuse the work being posted without my consent.

    I clearly state ON EVERY SITE I POST no one is allowed to use my work. So why is it being posted by people other than me? Because I am not a major artist that it is okay to simply take my work.

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  • MichWing said:
    Also. Danbooru charges for a premium account so they are making profit off of my work without my given consent.

    All of your images uploaded here are viewable without a premium account. Premium accounts only exist for people to remove advertisements and be able to search more than two tags at once.

    I highly doubt your works have inspired any premium account purchases.

    You should also be aware that most major artists became major artists because their work gets posted everywhere. Restricting your art to be posted on your tiny tumblr means no publicity for you.

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  • As I said, your reasons are jusitifed.
    However, I am not the one who uploaded your art, so I am only aware of links provided by an uploader. The premium account makes no direct profit from artwork, it is merely to display it and link to the artists. edit-- Sorry. the above poster explained it better.

    Anyway the admin of Danbooru will get your request in a few hours and follow through by removing your images.

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  • Just a few points...

    MichWing said:
    Most bloggers snatch images off anime image boards like Zerochan and Danbooru...

    They can easily do the same from pixiv.

    Just because people are going to steal images...

    Stealing would involve the loss of something.

    I clearly state ON EVERY SITE I POST no one is allowed to use my work.

    If you're that worried about people "using your work," (or saving your work) why do you bother to post them to pixiv in the first place?

    I'm not saying don't do that, I just see it as quite counterproductive.

    So why is it being posted by people other than me?

    What's stopping you uploading the images yourself?


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  • MichWing said:
    I don't want stolen publicity. Even if it is corrected later. Sorry. If I want publicity, it will be at my chosing through features on sites who have asked for my consent.

    I don't think many sites would be inclined to ask you for consent considering how inflammatory the tone of your caps lock-saturated tumblr posts are...

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  • MichWing said:

    I clearly state ON EVERY SITE I POST no one is allowed to use my work. So why is it being posted by people other than me? Because I am not a major artist that it is okay to simply take my work.

    Here is the thing, while we will respect your takedown request, basically no one else on the internet will. Once you post art on the internet, it is out there, and no longer under your control. If we take it down from here, it won't affect any of the sites which aren't under our control and mirror our content, and which will most certainly not respect this request. Not to mention that anyone who has saved your art from your Pixiv or Tumblr can post it anywhere they want.

    We feel it is to your benefit as an artist to have your work indexed here, where you are fully attributed and linked to on every image you made.

    If you still wish to have your art taken down, thats fine, but your stated objectives are, in fact, impossible, and us taking your art down will most likely only make the situation worse for you.

    Just something to consider.

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  • Nials said:
    this just shows how narrow-minded some artists are in my opinion, and don't even seem to get their facts straight.

    To be honest, I don't think the artist is at fault here. This thread could have been concluded in 4 or 5 comments if no one had been dissing the artist for his/her request of removal.

    And also, there is actually a loss for the artist. With an alternative site around that hosted their works, chances are people won't be checking on their own very site. (Like, what ratio of Danbooru's community views on pixiv?)

    As for the usual idea that "It's free for public once in the internet", be aware that sites like pixiv does ban people for plagiarizing another artist's works.

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  • What are the chances, however, that we check his website if we don't even know his art to begin with, tho?

    And my biggest issue is that he clearly said we don't give credit to him when clearly we did, through tagging and linking the sources.

    What is more, he assumes that the posters of the image are getting paid for doing so. As far as I know, this is not true?

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