why I cant see any images

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Yeah, you're gonna need to be a little clearer and more verbose here.

  • Just so we're perfectly clear: when you click this link, you see no picture?
  • Have you tried restarting your browser and/or computer?
  • Does this problem persist when you use a different computer?
  • Are you having any similar problems with any other sites, e.g. Gelbooru or moe.imouto.org?
  • Have you fooled with your account settings at all?
  • What operating system and browser are you using, and are you using any extensions?
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  • jjj14 said:
    Seems like lots of people are having this problem lately. Maybe we need to put a sticky that says "Problems with the site? Use the right URL" or something.

    Probably should.

    Frankly I'm curious as to how people are getting to this site and what it's deal in general is.

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