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Implicating striped_pantyhose -> striped.
Implicating striped_kneehighs -> kneehighs.
Implicating striped_kneehighs -> striped.
Implicating striped_shirt -> striped.

Implicating polka_dot_swimsuit -> polka_dot.
Implicating polka_dot_swimsuit -> swimsuit.
Implicating polka_dot_bra -> polka_dot.
Implicating polka_dot_bra -> bra.

Implicating checkered_bikini -> checkered.
Implicating checkered_bikini -> bikini.
Implicating checkered_panties -> checkered.
Implicating checkered_panties -> panties.
Implicating checkered_bra -> checkered.
Implicating checkered_bra -> bra.

Reason: These are consistent with other pattern implications. Although polka dot and checkered are not as tagged as often as I'd like, I think having implications in place would be helpful on the basic swimwear/lingerie variants.

I noticed striped_bikini -> striped_swimsuit was added in at some point there by someone. I kind of thought of striped_swimsuit and polka_dot_swimsuit mainly being applied to one-piece swimsuits, but if we are being consistent here, there should be an implication of polka_dot_bikini -> polka_dot_swimsuit.

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unicogirl said:
^_^ is that safe?
I'm still thinking about manually moving some legwear tags currently un-implicated(sp).

Moving them to what? I don't think it will matter anyway since even if you move them the striped and polka_dot tags (which should be appropriate if the tag was used in the first place) have been added by the implication and will remain.