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Is there an existent tag or pool for pictures where it looks like a couple is about to have sex, ala post #1069577? If not, it just occurred to me right now that there probably should be; though, I'm not sure whether it should be made into a tag or a pool if there isn't. My first instinct is to go tag (yaaay tagging project...) with the name "About to have sex," but I would be unsurprised if other people have better ideas since that's kind of long for a tag and my other idea, "incipient sexing" is a bit too silly.

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  • I'd like to see some more images to see what exactly this tag should cover. From Eld's post, it seems like he's looking for more intimacy between 2 people (a couple) which leads to sex, not girls spreading their pussies like post #1015123 that was just tagged and is already covered by come_hither (EDIT: and presenting, which is a horrible tag name BTW). (Not to mention that it doesn't look like any sex will be happening in that image very soon).

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  • Dean Exia, It would only me subjective in that arguments could be made over whether or not the couple in question were necessarily going to sex it up. As regards rape, the implication was that the sex that is about to occur is consensual. The difference between consensual sex and sexual assault, I think, is pretty clear, and would work to differentiate the two in this case.

    Kikimaru, that's a pretty good way of putting it.

    SGC donmai, it sounds more practical that the option's I've suggested, but maybe we should see if other suggestions and a consensus come before we make the tag.

    S1eth, the sort of thing I had in mind was along those lines. Here's a larger sampling: post #467606, post #403436, post #1061960, post #451070, post #699864, post #662122, post #1057560, post #757671, post #1036600 and post #736134

    There might be a question for some as to whether or not they've already started, such as in post #591277. Personally, I'd say if there's any sign of them having started, such as in post #807396, then it probably shouldn't apply. Something where a girl was presenting (you're right. That is a horrible tag name.) to someone who's looks about to accept their offer would technically fit the definition, though, I suppose. Still, the linked and what you describe is more what I had in mind.

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