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Pool content pruning thread

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Michael_Fesser said:
Note: This is even using it's incorrect definition of hilarity. ie "charming" is not in the word hilarious' entomology.

I probably shouldn't bother replying as I have nothing useful to add. I just find "entomology" to be a hilarious malapropism of "etymology".

I meant no offense, just found it amusing. I typically try not to be an ass.

As for the thread's purpose, I agree that that pool definately needs cleaned up, I don't understand how most of the posts in it are "hilarious in hindsight". Moreover the concept is contextual based on when the image was drawn (which may not even be when it was posted).

Something that might be hilarious in hindsight (because it predicted or clashed with something that happened after it was drawn), may just be mundane if it was drawn after it occurred. Being that a general user is going to browse after the thing that makes it hilarious is known, most of the humor is probably lost.

In short it is a pool with a difficult concept and is currently a huge mess. I think clean-up will be difficult in this case. Requiring a comment explaining why an image belongs before adding an image would be very helpful.

Unfortunately that policy doesn't help with pruning the existing images because while you may not see the point, there may be something subtle you are not aware of.