unable to access my favorites

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Hi, I thought that I'd use the 'add to favorites' feature to bookmark some things, however I've never managed to access the 'my favorites' menu - it just times out everytime I try. Is this a known issue?


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  • > see forum #32752 and try the solutions proposed therein
    Please state the proposed solutions, I can't find any in that thread (already looked in it before).

    > Try switching to Hijiribe
    Already tried that, behaves the same way.

    Note that I've been trying for days to access the 'favorites' menu, with 100% failure rate. And I assume that my menu is empty since I have not used the feature yet.
    And...uhm... so this means you two can access your 'favorites' with no issues?

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  • Interesting, thanks; this way I can at least examine them.
    I assume this means whoever implemented the database forgot to add an index on the username column?
    EDIT: wait that can't be right...


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