Combine two accounts?

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I have an account that I used to use all of the time. I forgot the password. but I am woundering if I can combine my old account with this one (and retain my favorits, and time of account creation, and uploads) since this account is less than a week old all of my other info is on my old account, the old account is blaze15 this account blaze1514

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yah well there's the thing, I didn't have an e-mail. I just used "other" ways to communicat in cyberspace..... Then I realized that I needed an e-mail account for many things that where... trublesum to use my "other" ways on. Well when I did finaly make one I... was too lazy to add it to my accounnt here.

Also as you can see I also used trublesom ways to get my password back (someone hacked in to it... lets say he won't be doing that to anyone else for a while) But I like my new name better now. Since... most of my accounts in cyberspace use the other name now anyway... So I will probly deleat this account sometime in the next few days.