Splitting "CANNOT UNSEE" into two pools

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pool #1351 has seen a lot of misuse from people who don't read the description. The intended use is for posts that are so scarring that they will be burned into your brain forever, but instead people are using it for posts that make them see something another way.

I think that for the latter usage, a new pool should be created, with a title that is something to the effect of "I will never see this the same way again". The old pool should also probably have its name changed to clear up confusion. (I propose the name "Why would you draw that?")

Updated by Danielx21

Splitting it into two pools is a good idea.

However, the names "CANNOT UNSEE" and even "Why would you draw that?" are still somewhat generic enough to fit both. I think the scary one should be renamed to have "scary" in its name, or something to that effect.

These would be the final names of the two pools:

  • I will never see this the same way again


The word he used was scarring, not scary. The idea being the image depicts something so horrible that you can't forget, or "unsee", the image. It might be scary, but it's probably just really ugly.

That being said, though, I can't think of a better name.