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To be honest I'm rather used to Seta_Souji, but we actually might want to consider using the name Narukami_Yu or whatnot.

Seta Souji might have been the first official name for the character, but how successful has this name been in actually embedding itself within the fan community and/or the artist community? The name used in the anime, especially if it is popular, will likely have deep penetration into the community. Unless Seta Souji has strong roots in the community, usage of Narukami Yu will exceed and overshadow Seta Souji in the future.

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  • Well, for what it's worth, the manga was serialized on September 19, 2008, just two months after the game was released in Japan. That's a rather large time gap between it and the anime. Then again, it's an empirical fact that it's the anime adaptations that get people talking and producing fanart, so it may be better to start using narukami_yu just to ward off confusion.

    As for "Seta Souji" being ubiquitous, I can't say it's been a hit, judging from my observations. Obviously, on Danbooru people call him Souji simply because the tags do. Elsewhere, people just call him Protagonist or nicknames (Banchou in Japan, Protag or Brotag in the West).

    I have no preference toward either name, but these are some things to think about.

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  • Hillside_Moose said:
    Why should we move backwards? He has an official name from other media; it's deciding which one to use is the problem.

    I don't know what it is, but something about aliasing either of the two official names to the other just strikes me as wrong, somehow.

    I think what should be done is:
    1. Break the aliases seta soujiprotagonist (persona4) and seta soujiprotagonist (persona 4)
    2. Implicate seta soujiprotagonist (persona 4)
    3. Implicate narukami yuuprotagonist (persona 4)
    4. Alias protagonist (persona4)protagonist (persona 4)

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  • I'm not sure if there are enough images that actually use Seta Souji to really warrant having its own independent tag in that method. Can't really say how many images actually use Seta Souji, but at minimum there are only around 6-8 images that have been translated that use Seta Souji (at least that's what the note search suggests).

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  • Why do you do this, Japan?

    I almost prefer going back to protagonist to be neutral. But as soon as the anime airs, he'll be Narukami Yuu to virtually everyone, so let's just go with that right off the bat. Wiki notes can deal with the details.

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