Pool searching

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I have been trying to search for images that are not in any pool. Is this possible? If not, will it be possible in danbooru 2?

I have been reading giselebon's works for the last 2 days by searching for his name in the pool listing. After I finished the latest one, I know he would have a lot of one page comics that would not be in any pool. However, finding these comics seems to be impossible without opening every image tagged giselebon comic (which there are 15 pages of) and sifting through. I tried various forms of giselebon -pool:*, but seems that doesn't work.

I thought if I were a member, doing giselebon -pool:4881 -pool:4261 etc would do, but after reading the forums, it seems not even "-pool:number" works properly. I'm not sure if this has been fixed in danbooru 2 as the problem seemed to be with removing images from pools and most of the pools on dabooru 2.


post #820680 has a comment linking to post #804436, which is what reminded me that I wouldn't find all of giselebon's work with a pool search. I wanted to find all of his work and filter out everything I've already read, which basically means (as I said in the OP), anything under giselebon comic) is not in any pool. giselebon -comic would then give me the rest of his work, for when I felt like browsing that and not reading comics.

Whenever I find a new artist I like, I look for all of their comics. This would be much easier if I could find all their sequential comics with a pool search, seeing as every pooled comic should have the artist tag in the pool name. Then searching for "artist -pool:*" would give me everything I hadn't already read.