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These tags are more-or-less the same thing:

  • There is something wearable and someone in the same image, but the person is not wearing the thing.

There are a few small differences in descriptions, like glasses_removed saying that any pair of glasses that "are present in the pic but not worn" are fine, whereas hat_off says that someone was "supposedly wearing [the hat] a short while before the image". These nuances sound negligible, though.

Maybe they could be aliases one way or another, for consistency. Some of these already are.

The numbers between parentheses are the quantity of posts, according to the tag search. (http://danbooru.donmai.us/tag)

Updated by jxh2154

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  • Did:
    create alias eyepatch_off -> eyepatch_removed
    create alias clothes_off -> clothes_removed
    create alias glasses_off -> glasses_removed
    create alias hat_off -> hat_removed
    create alias helmet_off -> helmet_removed
    create alias shirt_off -> shirt_removed
    create alias shoes_off -> shoes_removed

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  • Did:
    create alias bra_off -> bra_removed
    create alias skirt_off -> skirt_removed
    create alias socks_off -> socks_removed
    create alias jacket_off -> jacket_removed
    create alias clothes_off -> clothes_removed
    create alias undressed -> clothes_removed

    Seems clothes_off already had an alias in place which is why it didn't work. Undid that and moved to removed.

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  • Danielx21 said:
    Apparently, turning a tag with aliases into an alias requires special care. I'll have that in mind.

    It's just the way the Batch Create functionality I have works. I can submit about 10 at once using a specific syntax, but if 1 of those 10 existed and can't be created, I'm not explicitly told that, so I don't notice sometimes.

    create alias mask_off -> mask_removed
    create alias goggles_off -> goggles_removed
    create alias necktie_off -> necktie_removed

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  • S1eth said:
    -1 to
    is also used for sweaters and other upper-body clothes
    is also used for boots, sandals, slippers and other footwear

    Too confusing! Then, at least, apparently the latter should be footwear removed. (for comparison, the most popular tag with "footwear" in the name is cross-laced footwear)

    Don't forget we have jacket removed and could have sweater removed, if needed.


    Removing my opinion against using shirt removed for any upper-body clothes, because on second thought I see it has some merit.


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  • shirt_lift, shirt_pull, shirt_tug, shirt_slip, sleeveless_shirt, tied_shirt, shirt_grab and more have always been using the name "shirt" as a catch-all for a variety of upper-body clothes such as shirts, blouses, sweaters, tank_tops, etc.

    Jxh, please remove the impossible_shirt, open_shirt, torn_shirt and wet_shirt implications which were created in forum #68613. Those all include blouses, tank_tops, cardigans, camisoles and other clothes that aren't shirts.

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  • Did:
    remove implication impossible_shirt -> shirt
    remove implication open_shirt -> shirt
    remove implication torn_shirt -> shirt
    remove implication wet_shirt -> shirt
    create implication bra_removed -> bra
    create implication eyepatch_removed -> eyepatch
    create implication goggles_removed -> goggles
    create implication helmet_removed -> helmet
    create implication jacket_removed -> jacket
    create implication mask_removed -> mask
    create implication necktie_removed -> necktie
    create implication panties_removed -> panties

    Daniel, you said:
    Related alias: panties_removed -> panties

    Did you mean panties_off -> panties_removed?

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