Tag Implication: van -> motor_vehicle

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Implicating van -> motor_vehicle.

Reason: The former is a type of the latter.

What would a segway fall under?


create implication car -> motor_vehicle
create implication truck -> motor_vehicle
create implication bus -> motor_vehicle
create implication jeep -> motor_vehicle
create implication hummer -> motor_vehicle
create implication humvee -> motor_vehicle
create implication scooter -> motor_vehicle
create implication motorcycle -> motor_vehicle
create implication motor_vehicle -> vehicle

These implications need to be undone
destroy implication motorcycle -> vehicle
destroy implication scooter -> vehicle

There are things like aircraft, spaceships, thanks, helicopters, trains, and boats, but they don't qualify as motor vehicles.

Also do we want to apply copyright tags to names of car brands? Some cars have it, others don't.

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In the most literal sense a segway is a motored vehicle, but in terms of use it seems more comparable to a bike to me. I wouldn't expect to see it in the same places or uses as other motor vehicles, like on a road.

The copyright tag type is a little misleading. As I understand it, they are simply for things that can have character tags under them. The cars that aren't already should probably be changed to general tags.

Shinjidude said:
It might be more accurate to use road_vehicle rather than motor vehicle. That way you could justify excluding segways and and tanks despite the fact that they are also technically speaking vehicles with motors.

Except motor vehicle as a term excludes segways and tanks, its meant for basically anything that is designed to go out on the road.

I think it would be best to use it as such since both road vehicle and motor vehicle are meant to be used for the same thing.

But Segways were a bizarre thing to begin with.