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I've been thinking for a while of making an "Adorable" pool geared more towards sexually themed images. This wouldn't be for grouping pictures of cute girls having sex but instead for grouping together images of people in sexual situations coming off as very cute or adorable.
like in post #1061737. Yuuka's flustered expression towards doing this naughty act makes her look very adorable.

thoughts? worthing making into a pool?

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  • Agree with the others, sounds good to browse through. But can I have more examples? Gotta keep it constantly updated after all if we wanna make it good.
    Going by what you think is sexually adorable, does post #953900 count? I need to see if I can get the general idea for it first.

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  • Katajanmarja said:
    Plus, how much overlap will there be with pool #544?

    Going through pool #544, I think that would overlap too much, even if we don't include "cute girls having sex" and just stick with "characters doing cute things in a sexual situation"

    As far as other posts, I wanted to include images like post #807510 that are very cute, but have too much of a sexual overtone to be added to pool #903, however, i think think people would miss the point of the pool and just add cute girls having sex so i think its better to scrap it for now.

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