Tag Implication: upskirt -> skirt

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I just need to stop making implication an alias requests when I notice a bit of personal logic without sitting around and thinking over every possibility on Danbooru for a few hours, is all. :P I think I've only ever had one actually implemented. And one that actually should have been, but the mod got confused/forgot it/something and I gave up on it.

Welp, down she goes...

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  • You're not posting bad ideas you're just coming to conclusions too fast.

    The best suggestion I have for alias/implications is to open the tag when the idea pops into your head. Spend 5-15 minutes looking through images in that tag to see how it's used. If it is seemingly entirely used the way you were thinking take a couple minutes trying to think of exceptions to the way you believe it is used and search for them. If you can't think of any or you think of one that could be better handled by another tag feel free to post a discussion/suggestion.

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  • Log said:
    For danbooru purposes a skirt is an object that stands on it's own. Can you imagine what a pain in the ass it would be to search skirt -dress every time you wanted to find skirts?

    But, for Danbooru purposes, skirt basket exceptionally mixes the two: "When a skirt or bottom half of a dress is lifted up to carry objects."

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