Tag Help: Every character has a different, monochrome color?

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Aristocrat said:
post #573149?

Okay, that's along the same lines, but "multiple monochrome" wouldn't be a good fit for that.

An image where different objects/characters get different dominant colors, often being monochrome for that color...

Since we have color tags like blue and red for images with a single dominant color, maybe we can do something with "color". Multiple colors? I realize how general that sounds, but it wouldn't be the first tag we've carefully defined to our purpose. Separately colored?


jjj14 said:
I like this. Could this also be used in cases like post #1077372?

NO. Very emphatically no.

This is very different from what I was trying to find a tag for. These characters are each in full color with shades that vary beyond simple lightening and darkening. In particular, they all have flesh-tone skin, and all of the characters have a yellow item in their outfits, regardless of their main color.

This is why I don't like the name color themed characters. It invites this sort of mistake.

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