Tag type is now restricted?

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I haven't submitted anything in a while and I'm now presented with access denied when attempting to set tags as copyright, etc.

Have the rules of standard members changed over the past 2 years? I don't believe I've done anything wrong...

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  • Aristocrat said:
    I'm privileged and I still could not edit tag types through that dropdown menu. I think this is just a glitch in the danbooru software.

    How are you trying to edit them, EvilDoRuk? I usually edit them through the tag list for a single post.

    For example, I noticed the tag so'ra recently, Googled it, found out that it was a character, opened up post #1102733 and changed "so'ra" to "character:so'ra" and saved.

    That changed the tag type for all the posts that had "so'ra". Same for adding "copyright:" to minna no rhythm tengoku in the same post.

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